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When you visit our web site to provide advertising services for third parties advertising companies use. Companies concerned, and this site obtained from other web sites that you visit (name, address, e-mail address or phone number other than) the information that interest you show capture products and services you can use it to advertise. For information about this practice and that such information to prevent the use by companies of your choice If you want to find out what happened NAI Self-Regulatory Principles for Publishers (PDF) document at Appendix A. See. NAI'nın sample language at any time subject to change Do not forget.
Third-party vendors, Google serve ads on our site For uses cookies.
Google, using the DART cookie to your users and your site Based on their visits to other sites on the Internet and advertising offers. Users Google ad and content network privacy policy may prevent the use of the DART cookie by visiting.
If you did not disable the third-party ad serving on your site belonging to other third party providers to serve ads in cookies available.
This web site, users agree to the above-mentioned conditions are deemed to have.

Privacy Policy and Terms

When you visit our web site to provide advertising services to third-party advertising companies use. The companies, this website and other websites from your visits to the (your name, address, e-mail address or phone number other than your) information capture products and services of interest to you advertising to show you can use. This application and to learn about the information used by these companies to block what options you want to know NAI Self-Regulatory principles for publishers (PDF) documents, please see Appendix A. Language is subject to change at any time NAI'nın example, do not forget.
Google as the third-party vendors, uses cookies to serve ads on your site.
Google, by using the DART cookie to your users, your site and other sites on the Internet to deliver ads based on their visits Users visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy may prevent the use of the DART cookie. This web site, users are deemed to have accepted the above-mentioned conditions.


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Cookie (Cookie), the word you've visited the web page server on a small text file placed on your hard disk for are used. So, the next visit those web sites you To recognize this is a valid information. This script is a text file As there is not, nor has the virus. Size is a special identifier, and only This code can be read by the web server. The aim of cookie; you visit that site to your web server to report back is composed. What does it do? Protects you from time consuming. If you have a page on your own personal or a product or If you have registered for the service, this cookie will remember you. Next your return, the information you want is displayed (for example, your password Remember if you want to be automated, remember). From the same web site When you sign up for a new service you've provided the answers Automatically remembers. These cookies that web sites that you With the help remember. If you change the information in its new format will rememberHow to decide which cookie acceptance Eedeceğinize You will?By doing your browser cookies, which Cookies will accept you set. Automatically accept all or suggest you may want to alert you when cookies. How you can see the code inside the cookie? Click the mouse pointer over cookie. You will see a series of short texts and figures in the cookie. The numbers and figures, but the cookie identifies you to a web server, which makes sense.